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Bettys discuss taxes

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June 10th, 2014

Tax time is not usually a time to party unless you work for Two Bettys! The Two Bettys family met in the beginning of this quarter for a tax and pizza party. We took this opportunity to learn and reconnect as part of our ongoing business education courses offered to cleaners.

Every year Two Bettys hosts this tax seminar in order to make sure that all of our cleaners are equipped with the tools they need to make tax time as stress free as possible.  This year we invited Beth Franklin, CPA, from Fox Tax to come to our new headquarters in south Minneapolis and give us the scoop about taxes and any tricks of the trade.  Anyone working for Two Bettys was able to use this time to not only demystify the tax system for their cleaning income but also ask their arts income tax questions.

As much as taxes are a headache, we had a blast enjoying pizza and picking Beth’s brain about all things taxes. It was wonderful to have all the cleaners together in beautiful Longfellow Minneapolis. Here’s to making tax season a little brighter!

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