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June 10th, 2014

As our part of Two Bettys’ ongoing commitment to help support organizations in our community that we admire and are inspired by, we are turning our spotlight to Interact Center for the Arts.  
Interact’s mission statement reads “to create art that challenges perceptions of disability,” but they continuously achieve so much more. As a center for visual and theatrical artists, Interact is driven by a vision of radical inclusion. Their website says it all: 
“We collaborate with artists with and without disabilities, from mainstream and marginalized communities, whose stories and life experiences are the grist for our original, ensemble-generated theatrical work, and inspire the spectrum of media that are created in our studio. Interact was the first – and remains the only –visual and performing arts organization for artists with disabilities, nationally or internationally, that is creating full-time at the professional level, and sharing exciting seasons of performances and exhibitions with our audiences.”
This year Two Bettys donated a free clean to Interact‘s Annual Fundraiser pARTy’s silent auction. Several of our cleaners work with and for Interact Center as part of their lives outside of Two Bettys and we couldn’t be happier to be involved with and support Interact’s powerful, necessary and moving work.

Interact Center

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