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Spotlight: Alexis Stiteler

June 10th, 2014

Alexis Stiteler is not only a meticulous cleaner by day but she also started and co-manages a new gallery called The White Page with three other ambitious young women. Two Bettys got to chat with her about what it’s like to be an artist and gallery director here in Minneapolis and here’s what she had to say:

How did The White Page start?

We wanted to bring artists into the Twin Cities that typically wouldn’t have a chance to come out here, and encourage people who typically wouldn’t come by a solo exhibition easily to have the opportunity. Currently we have a fella named Allen Riley in town from New York City who works in interactive video work. We made a KickStarter page last year, raised just over 9 thousand dollars on it- and here we are! Almost a year later we’re signed up for another year lease and are sifting through art proposals we’ve received from all over the country. Pretty exciting. We’re planning a one year celebration in September where we’ll have our walls filled with work made locally and also internationally. We’ve had a lot of artists who are excited to send us work to show to our local community since they’ve heard such stellar things about what’s happening here.

What is your biggest challenge with being an artist today?

Being in school for some 16+ years made it difficult to maintain a practice and life at first. I think also finding spaces for shows can be a major challenge too. That’s why we’ve been running the gallery in this manner- trying to give others the opportunities that we’ve found really challenging ourselves.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Oh boy! A whole slew of things. I guess primarily city life and structure, my work is based around grids and maps for the most part (more so before then now). For a long period of time I focused my work on translating these old maps onto tile work, at this point I’ve shifted away from a direct relationship between thosetwo ideas and have started working to abstract them. I still look a lot to cities, but find myself focusing more on my personal compulsions in the city rather then the exact structure itself.

Congratulations Alexis and thank you for adding to the amazing art culture of our fair cities. We couldn’t be more impressed. For more information or to contact Alexis or The White Page:

The White Page

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