Two Bettys Bulletin


June 30th, 2016

Two Bettys Supports Cleaners as Staff

As of February of this year, all Two Bettys cleaners are now employees of the company

“It’s an investment,” explained owner Anna Tsantir.

As staff members, cleaners no longer need track self-employment taxes and expenses for their work as Bettys. Their employment tax rate is lower as a staff, and Two Bettys now covers the cost of liability insurance and supplies. The company also now pays for travel time and will be able to offer more training and development opportunities for staff.

Two Bettys worked hard to make sure that take-home pay for cleaners remained the same — or increased — as a result of this change and that cleaner’s flexibility in scheduling was preserved. The business is also working toward supplying health insurance to all cleaners who elect to work 30 or more hours a week.

“Paying a living wage and being a worker-centered company is very important to Two Bettys,” explained Tsantir. “The cleaners are the backbone of our business and we honor that. Two Bettys cleaners are known for not only just completing their work well, but doing it with kindness — or even spontaneous stuffed animal sculptures on kids’ beds. Their integrity, grace and humor are the reasons we have grown. Whatever we can do in support of our cleaners, we do. I pinky swear it.”

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