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June 30th, 2016

Supporting Two Bettys’ Growth: Tsantir Participates in WomenVenture’s ScaleUp Program

Two Bettys owner Anna Tsantir was one of 13 local business owners selected to participate in WomenVenture’s 2016 ScaleUp program. ScaleUp is designed to provide training and support to growing women-owned businesses. The program is funded by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development. It provides access to a variety of resources, including Kauffman FastTrac® GrowthVenture™ trainings, Profit Mastery financial management tools, and personalized mentoring, and entails weekly workshops and sessions for all participants.

Tsantir is thrilled to be a part of the program and is excited about what her work with ScaleUp will mean for Two Bettys. “Right now my focus is how to manage the growth of Two Bettys while keeping the culture that our clients and Bettys like – the culture that has led to our growth. I want everyone connected to Two Bettys to continue feeling connected, even as the business evolves.”

Tsantir is exploring how to continue supporting the talented cleaners who make Two Bettys work, as well as potential avenues for new services and creative ways to grow as a community-minded for-profit business.

Already Tsantir feels the benefits of her participation in the program. Her mentor and the program leaders have provided meaningful insight based on their experience. “They ask questions that help you examine the way you do things and why,” she explained. “And they give me useful and relevant resources and ideas. I love to problem solve and now I feel like I have way more tools in my belt. It’s incredible.”

The cohort of participants is also already a valuable part of the program for Tsantir. “It’s not competitive. It’s focused on how we can help each other. We brainstorm well together because we have so much varied knowledge,” she explained. “Everyone’s plans will look wildly different because we are all from different businesses, but we can talk about things we all need to talk about — how to hire effectively, manage effectively, and connect to services that support our business.  I’m excited for what is ahead.”

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