Two Bettys Bulletin

2017 Betty Party

December 7th, 2017

Every year we invite all of the Bettys and collaborators to join us in a big celebration!  It’s a great time for people who are often working in the field to catch up, connect and relax. 2017 was a big year for Two Bettys and we had a lot to celebrate!

This marks our first full year as employees instead of contractors. We also testified for a living wage, moved our HQ to Minnehaha (aka the “Minnehoffice”), committed to getting greener by preparing to open our refill station for cleaners on Lake Street in 2018, ramped up benefits options for eligible cleaners including health insurance and short-term disability insurance, forged new partnerships with other social enterprises and non-profits like Mainstreet Alliance, and attended and supported the many art events and community projects our very talented and socially-conscious staff created throughout the twin towns on their off hours.  

The annual party is always a great chance to catch up in person and get to see the whole community together. At this year’s celebration, we partied with amazing food from our long-time friends at Chef Shack and a program of short films curated by our new neighbors, the Trylon.

We are so grateful to each member of our Two Bettys team, as this company is truly the shining sum of its individual sparkling parts.  We are so lucky to have such a solid group of talented humans.  Thank you to everyone, cleaners and clients alike, for spending the year with Two Bettys.  

A special thank-you to Morgan Lust for doing an incredible job of capturing this celebration.  You can find her work at Wander Lust Photography.


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