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Two Bettys Green Cleaning Company provides high quality eco-friendly green cleaning services. Two Bettys is locally owned and serves residential and small commercial clients by providing a unique brand of individualized service that is always dependable and discreet.

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D. Marie

We wouldn’t be Two Bettys without our cleaners. They are interesting, warm hearted, curious, talented individuals. It is truly our pleasure to highlight some of the people who provide our green cleaning services.

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Latest Bulletin

Urban Farmhands

June 8th, 2015

President & founder Molly Gaines and lead gardner Jill Seifert Thiel strive to educate us on how to grow our own food in the city. They customize raised vegetable gardens to fit the specific needs of their clients while using sustainable growing […]

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Upcoming Event

Micro-Cosmic Adventures / The Teleporting Eye – Opening Reception

October 9th, 2015

We’ve been bending and stretching the fabric of space time. Come peek beyond the cosmos, beyond the edge of the known universe, and into a brand new void. A star explodes irregularly when it knows it’s being watched; nebulae and […]

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