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Two Bettys Green Cleaning - Eco Friendly Cleaning

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Two Bettys Green Cleaning Company provides high quality eco-friendly green cleaning services. Two Bettys is locally owned and serves residential and small commercial clients by providing a unique brand of individualized service that is always dependable and discreet.

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We wouldn’t be Two Bettys without our cleaners. They are interesting, warm hearted, curious, talented individuals. It is truly our pleasure to highlight some of the people who provide our green cleaning services.

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Tenantless Pause: Recent work by Theresa Anderson and Jennifer Nevitt

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June 10th, 2014

You asked for it! Here is a list of events in which our cleaners are involved. June 5th – June 7th  Heliotrope Music Festival, Intermedia Arts  — Casey Deming June 6th – June 22nd Twelfth Night, Theatre Pro Rata — Kelsey […]

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