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Two Bettys Green Cleaning - Eco Friendly Cleaning

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Two Bettys Green Cleaning Company provides high quality eco-friendly green cleaning services. Two Bettys is locally owned and serves residential and small commercial clients by providing a unique brand of individualized service that is always dependable and discreet.

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We wouldn’t be Two Bettys without our cleaners. They are interesting, warm hearted, curious, talented individuals. It is truly our pleasure to highlight some of the people who provide our green cleaning services.

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Katie Collier: Floribunda (sampler), 2015 woodcut

Spotlight: Katy Collier

April 15th, 2015

Katy Collier works primarily in drawing, woodcut printmaking, and writing. As one of the co-op artists at Highpoint Center for Printmaking, Katy is showing new woodcut prints in Blankets & Vases from April 6th – June 29th. Read our exchange […]

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Upcoming Event

Art & Craft Sale at The White Page

June 6th, 2015

The White Page Gallery is hosting a two-day sale featuring local artists. Participants include Casey Deming, Jess Buns, Nick Lambert, There There Shop, No Problem Records, David Swenson, Elena Zachary, The White Page Collective, Laura Vest Klein, Emily Floyd, Oakley Tapola, Andy Delany & Lauren Flynn and more to be […]

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