We’re so happy you chose Two Bettys to be your regular cleaning service.  You have questions? We have answers!

To find out if your wish list and our services are a good match, complete this form to set up a free in-home estimate. Most clients find that we aren’t the bargain-basement priced cleaners (who don’t provide a high quality service), and we also aren’t the kind of people who will charge an arm and a leg just because we’re “green.”

Go ahead, breathe a sigh of relief. You’ve found the real deal. Note that our service area includes Minneapolis, most of St. Paul, St. Louis Park, Golden Valley, and Edina.  Please call to determine if you are within our coverage area.

Service Options

We set all of our clients up with ongoing service on a schedule – weekly, every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks, depending on the size of your house, its inhabitants (we love kids and pets just like you, but they do tend to require a bit more attention!), and your individualized needs.

We’re happy to be there as often as you need us. We also know that there are times when you may require a little more or less attention (heading to Italy for five months? hosting 25 for Thanksgiving? getting ready for the in-laws?), and are happy to accommodate.

Meet Your Cleaner

Before we begin working for you, your cleaner will arrange a quick introductory meeting with you. It’s crucial to us that you feel comfortable having us in your home. Meeting up with your cleaner helps both parties make that all-important human connection and helps build a trusting relationship.


You asked, we will answer! We are so excited about the progress we are making toward offering you online account access and electronic payment options. This is a big build for our small company, but stay tuned… we’ll be updating you via email when things are polished.  We know many of you have been waiting for this, and we thank you for your patience!


After your space is sparkling clean, you will receive an invoice notification via email unless you’ve opted out of billing notifications. We currently accept paper checks only, but more payment options are on the horizon! For the time being, we recommend that you make recurring paper check payments through your bank’s bill pay service to match your cleaning schedule. Set this up online, over the phone, or in person at your bank; it is usually offered for free! If you are asked for an account number to set this up, enter your address. Sending personal checks the ol’ fashioned way via snail mail works too.

Your first clean price may be a little more than your regular cleans if you agreed to give us some extra time. When setting up bank payments, you can send a one-time payment for the first clean price, then set up your recurring payments according to the pricing we gave you at your initial appointment.

Please send all payments to:

Two Bettys Green Cleaning Service
P.O. BOX 18057

Minneapolis, MN 55418


Tipping for every service is not necessary or expected, though we certainly have clients who give their cleaner a tip, gift, or special treat at the end of the year or after an exceptionally amazing clean! Please do not include a monetary tip with your payment to Two Bettys.


Before Two Bettys can bring their lean, mean, green cleaning to your home, they need to get through the front door! While most clients are not home when their cleaner arrives, you are responsible for making sure your she or he can get in.  If your cleaner arrives and is not able to get into your home, you will still be responsible for the cost of the clean.  Luckily, that is easy to avoid! Here’s how:

Lock Boxes & Key Codes

Two Bettys kindly requests that instead of giving your Betty a key, you use a lock box (much like the type realtors use). You can put this out the day of service and take it down after service is completed. If possible, we recommend putting your lock box in the back of your house rather than the front.

If you have an alarm system, please make sure your Betty knows exactly what to do if the alarm accidentally goes off. If you live in a loft, you should still be able to arrange a lock box in the front entry for the fob and key. If not, please check with your building manager for the next best option.

If there is no other option but to give your Betty a key, please understand that in the case of a lost key our policy is the industry standard:

  • Two Bettys will provide $50 to replace the key and for your trouble.
  • Two Bettys is not held liable to re-key your home or pay for this to be done.

If we do have your key, we will never put identifying information on the key chain and will keep it locked and safe between cleanings. Please remember that this is our least preferred method of entry.

Facilitating a Great Clean

The time has finally come! Your cleaner is coming tomorrow, and as a highly considerate customer you are wondering what you should do to prepare for his or her visit. Although we cater our service to your individual needs, we do have some basic guidelines that we ask that you consider:

  • Pick up any items whose home may not be obvious. Our cleaners are good, but not good enough to read your mind. (A favorite cleaned shaving mug may find its way to the kitchen cabinet rather than the bathroom counter.)
  • The more you clean your personal papers, belongings, etc. from surfaces, the more time your cleaner will have to clean.
  • If part of what you want us to do is tidy and pick up, make sure to discuss this with your cleaner so he or she has enough time to both pick up and clean. We want to know where your priorities are so the majority of our time is spent meeting those needs.
  • Please do not leave dirty dishes about. As a general policy we do not clean dishes. Don’t sweat that morning’s cereal bowl or coffee mug from breakfast in the sink, but please remember—as a rule, no dishes.
  • It is great for us to know what your priorities are. If you have any little pet peeves or special requests, we would love to know them right away so we know we’re doing the job you want us to do!
  • If you would like extra tasks done above and beyond the standard clean, please contact your cleaner at least one week in advance and schedule extra time so they can adjust their schedule accordingly.

After that? Just sit back, relax, and prepare for a beautifully cleaned home!

What About When I’m Out of Town? Or…?

If you have questions, we have answers. As seasoned professionals, we’ve encountered and accommodated many special needs and challenging requests. We truly see you as a partner in our business and welcome calls or emails anytime.


If a scheduled clean is canceled with less than 24 hours’ notice or if a cleaner is locked out of your home or business at the time of their clean, a cancellation fee of $80 plus the applicable tax COULD be assessed. 


We understand that sometimes unexpected things happen and, at times, canceling may be necessary. Please reach out to client services during these times. 

If there needs to be an adjustment to the cleaning schedule, 
rescheduling your clean to another day or time makes it a win-win situation for both you and your cleaner.  To reschedule, just connect with your cleaner to work out an alternative time.  

That way your cleaning schedule can continue uninterrupted and your cleaner can still work their scheduled hours.

Everybody wins!


We share the priority of a reliable schedule, as it impacts both you and the cleaners, which is why we have also clarified with our cleaners the importance of providing consistency as well. If your cleaner is unable to clean, they can schedule a cover clean during your regularly scheduled time or work with you to schedule to clean at an alternative time.

Keeping a consistent schedule helps cleaners maintain consistent hours and consistent earnings. This consistency helps us to keep the most professional and committed cleaners on staff.

If there are any questions regarding this update, please contact Client Services.