Two Bettys Bulletin

Featured Cleaner: Maggie Williams

May 22nd, 2017


Maggie Williams was recently featured in the Star Tribune,
alongside Two Bettys Founder Anna Tsantir,
sharing what she enjoys about working with Two Bettys. 

Since Maggie first joined the Two Bettys team in October of 2013,
the winning combination of her attention to detail and ability to connect
with people has made her an outstanding choice
to be a leader on our Wonder Betty team. 

Maggie also works as a comedy writer.
She’s a contributor at ClickHole, where she specializes
in listicle jokes and fake celebrity quotes.
You can also find her work on The Haven,
a publication from The Medium, and at this year’s MN Fringe Festival.

Maggie’s Cleaning Motto:

“To vacuums always be kind and
don’t leave your house shoes behind.”


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