Two Bettys Bulletin

Friendly Policy Reminder

June 5th, 2017

Updated Cancellation Policy:

















If a scheduled clean is canceled with less than
24 hours’ notice or if a cleaner is locked out of
your home or business at the time of their clean,
a cancellation fee of $80 plus
the applicable tax could be assessed. 

If there needs to be an adjustment to the cleaning schedule,
rescheduling your clean to another day or time makes it a win-win situation for both you and your cleaner.

 That way your cleaning schedule can continue
uninterrupted and your cleaner can still work their scheduled hours.

Everybody wins!



















Though we have always had a cancellation policy in place,
we have recognized the need to provide clarification. 

We share the priority of a reliable schedule,
as it impacts both you and the cleaners,
which is why we have also clarified with our cleaners
the importance of providing consistency as well.

Keeping a consistent schedule helps cleaners maintain
consistent hours and consistent earnings.
This consistency helps us to keep the most professional
and committed cleaners on staff.

We understand that sometimes unexpected things happen and,
at times, canceling may be necessary. 
Please reach out to client services during these times. 

If there are any questions regarding this update,
please contact Client Services.
(612) 720-8768

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