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3 Online Actions You Can Take Today for Earth Day!

brought to you by Two Bettys and our community partners

April 22, 2022

Earth Week online actions from MCEA

One of the easiest ways to raise your voice on Earth Week is to complete a few of our online actions. These pre-filled (but customizable) messages will get sent to your
elected officials on key environmental issues.

From asking Gov. Walz to ensure Minnesota’s climate plan meets the challenge, to pushing elected officials at the State Capitol to reject bad policy that would undermine bedrock environmental law, we need your help! Click the links below to take action. It only takes a couple minutes!

#1: Tell Gov. Walz what needs to be included in Minnesota’s climate action

The challenge of climate change demands bold solutions. Take this action to make sure the Governor creates a plan grounded in data-driven and equitable climate

#2: Stand up for the Minnesota Environmental Rights Act

The Minnesota Senate is considering a bad policy bill that undermines Minnesotans’ right to file lawsuits to protect Minnesota’s clean water, air, land, and other natural resources from pollution. Take action now to tell your elected officials to reject this bad policy.

#3: Urge your elected officials to act on toxic PFAS

Minnesota has a PFAS problem. Tell your legislator to act on current legislation to get these toxic “forever chemicals” out of our state. (What the heck is a PFA?)