A bright and clean kitchen with white cabinets and counters and dark blue walls.

5 Green Cleaning Tips From the Pros

by Stephanie Watson

September 27, 2021

When a Two Bettys cleaner hits a space, they not only want to leave it fresh and clean. They also want to be efficient. This means using the right products, tools and techniques for the job. Below, check out 5 of our best cleaning tips. These strategies can make it easier for you to touch up your home between professional cleans. 

1. Microfiber cloths are our friends

Ditch the paper towels and embrace microfiber cloths. The thousands of plush fibers grab waaay more dirt, grime and bacteria than paper towels. Plus, these reusable cloths do a solid for both the environment and your wallet. After a trip through the washing machine, they’re ready to go again. While microfiber cloths are not the perfect eco-solution, they beat the disposables while we wait for 100% bamboo microfiber cloths to become more widely available!

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2. Vacuums—they’re not just for floors anymore

When cleaning surfaces like the kitchen counter, stovetop or bathroom sink, vacuum first. Use the hose attachment to take care of the loose grit and chunky stuff. This makes the wipe-down that follows a lot easier.

3. Put old credit cards to work

Before you cut up an expired card and toss it in the trash, use it to scrape dried or gummy messes off surfaces. This method works great on encrusted food, candle wax, toothpaste blobs, and more. Take care of the bulk of the mess with the card, then go in with a damp cloth to finish the job. 

4. Spray, wait 5 minutes, then wipe

Cleaning products often need time to do their best work. Instead of spraying a surface and immediately wiping it with a microfiber cloth, give the solution 5 minutes to soak in. When you come back with a cloth in five, you’ll spend less elbow grease swiping away the mess.

5. Give wood surfaces some love

Pro cleaners know that polishing wood furniture and trim makes a space really shine. After you give wooden surfaces a good ol’ wipe-down, condition them with wood polish. This not only makes furniture and trim look great, it also helps repel dust for longer. 

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Stumped about how to clean a certain space or object? Send us your cleaning questions via Instagram. Like, “What’s the best way to spruce up dirty deck chairs?” Or, “How can I clean my filthy garage floor?” We might feature your question (and the exciting answer!) in a future blog post.