Two women, one black and one white, wearing masks, standing in front of Two Bettys Green Cleaning

Star Tribune: How Two Bettys Got Through the Worst of 2020

Neal St. Anthony, Star Tribune Writer

September 27, 2020

The following excerpt is from a Star Tribune Article published September 27, 2020.

Anna Tsantir has applied a lot of creativity and diligence to get through the pandemic-induced downturn that shuttered the home-cleaning trade.

Tsantir, a onetime art teacher who 15 years ago founded Two Bettys Green Cleaning, has recalled 58 of 73 permanent cleaners and office workers who chose to return from a spring layoff to jobs that start at $17 per hour plus benefits.

About half of Two Bettys’ 1,700 largely residential clients are welcoming cleaners back into their homes. And the company could hire another three dozen cleaners by the end of the year, according to Sha’mira Sampler, Two Bettys’ hiring and recruiting manager.

“Our people served us so well,” Tsantir said. “The grace of the people we furloughed. We kept them on benefits and communicated with them. They inspired us. And now they’re coming back to work.”

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