Why the Twin Cities is the Perfect Home for Two Bettys Green Cleaning Company

June 7, 2024

The Twin Cities and the first ring suburbs, encompassing the vibrant communities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, are renowned for their progressive values and strong sense of community. As the home of Two Bettys Green Cleaning Company, the Twin Cities offer an ideal environment for a green cleaning service that pays a living wage and is woman-owned. Here’s why:

A Commitment to Sustainability

Residents of the Twin Cities have a deep appreciation for sustainability and environmental stewardship. Minneapolis and St. Paul consistently rank high on lists of the greenest cities in the U.S., thanks to their extensive park systems, bike-friendly infrastructure, and widespread recycling programs. This commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with Two Bettys’ mission to provide eco-friendly cleaning services that protect the health of our clients and the planet.

Shopping Values and Local Support

People in the Twin Cities value shopping locally and supporting businesses that contribute positively to their community. By choosing Two Bettys Green Cleaning Company, customers are not only investing in a cleaner home but also supporting a business that prioritizes fair wages and ethical practices. The strong preference for supporting local, woman-owned businesses means that Two Bettys is a natural fit for this community.

A Community of Kindness

The Twin Cities are known for their welcoming and kind-hearted residents. This supportive atmosphere fosters a sense of community and belonging that is essential for small businesses to thrive. Our clients appreciate the personal touch and dedication that Two Bettys brings to every cleaning service, knowing that their cleaners are treated with respect and paid a living wage.

Progressive and Inclusive

Minneapolis and St. Paul are also celebrated for their progressive values and inclusivity. As a woman-owned business, Two Bettys Green Cleaning Company embodies these principles, promoting gender equality and empowerment within our workforce. The Twin Cities’ residents are proud to support businesses that champion these values, making our company a beloved part of the community.

The Perfect Market

The Twin Cities’ diverse population and forward-thinking mindset create a perfect market for a green cleaning service like Two Bettys. Residents are conscientious consumers who prioritize quality, sustainability, and social responsibility. This makes Minneapolis and St. Paul the ideal locations for a business that not only meets but exceeds these expectations.


Two Bettys Green Cleaning Company thrives in the Twin Cities because our values align with those of the community. By offering green cleaning services, paying a living wage, and being a woman-owned business, we are proud to contribute to the vibrant, progressive, and supportive culture of Minneapolis and St. Paul. We are grateful for the kindness and support of our clients and look forward to continuing to serve this incredible community.

If you’re ready to experience the Two Bettys difference and support a business that cares about people and the planet, contact us today for your green cleaning needs. Together, we can make the Twin Cities an even better place to live.