Clean With Us!

A Tale of Two Bettys

 The Bettys

Two Bettys Green Cleaning Service provides high quality eco-friendly cleaning service. Two Bettys is locally owned and serves residential and small commercial clients by providing a unique brand of individualized service that is always dependable and discreet.


It all started with the original Betty, Anna Tsantir. With experience as a teacher and artist, this Betty struggled with finding time for her own art with a full-time arts administration gig. She figured there had to be a better way, and together with another trusted Betty by her side, she forged her own path. Anna combined her passions – art, healthy living, and mentoring young artists – into the green house cleaning services at Two Bettys.

Two Bettys began seeking residential house cleaning clients in December 2006 by advertising with hand letterpress printed posters that they designed themselves and some good ol’ guerilla style marketing. By March 2007, they became official and brought more cleaners into the fold.


Each cleaner maintains and manages his or her own client schedule. This means that they can balance their studio time or school time to fit their own personal working style. The cleaners are paid above industry average, which means that they are able to fully commit themselves to both their work and their art. New cleaners are referred to us by people who we already know and trust, and each orientation session is fully supervised to ensure that they maintain the Two Bettys high standard.

Then there’s the other half of the story – you! We truly value the relationships that we build with our clients. They’re from many different walks of life, but they have a few things thing in common: they love supporting local, green, independent businesses, and they love a clean house!