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Satisfied Clients

Aw, Shucks

We definitely think we’re the best cleaning service, but come on, we’re Minnesotan. We’re a little too shy to sing our own praises. Luckily, we have clients who are happy to do so on our behalf.

“Having twelve people working in a small office, things get a little cluttered. We wanted to hire a cleaning service that valued its employees, and whose values matched our own. Two Bettys has been a perfect match! We love supporting an artist-run local business, and we love the great job they do keeping our workplace spotless.”

Springboard for the Arts

“We cannot say enough good things about Two Bettys. Not only do they provide an excellent clean every other week, but we are inspired to KEEP our house cleaner on the off weeks…and we feel so good about the green cleaning products that are used!”

Monica & Kenny Larson

“Ever since Two Bettys started cleaning my house, people tell me I’m better looking, my dog respects me, and I get 329 miles per gallon in my truck…oh and my wife likes the fact that my half-baked attempt at cleaning is a thing of the past….”

Satisfied “Brad Pitt-like” Client (aka Stephen Wozniak)

“I always look forward to the day Two Bettys comes to my condo. Even the remotes on my coffee table are organized! I would recommend Two Bettys to anyone. It’s so nice that I can depend on them – and it makes my life easier!”

Kara Lynum

“I have two dogs, two cats, two kids, and most of the time, a pretty big mess. My Betty not only tolerates my animals, she loves them. I have found her talking to my dog, Penny, while scrubbing my bathroom floor and humming/singing while doing other not so fun tasks around the house. I love Two Bettys!”

Holly Miller-Byzewski

“At Thorn we couldn’t live without Two Bettys Green Cleaning Service! They truly value the relationships that they build with their clients. We know the minute we walk in the office the morning after they have cleaned that they were there the night before. And we have a few things in common: we love supporting local, green, independent businesses, and love a clean office!”

Traci Plourde, Thorn Creative

“The Bettys’ appreciation for my green values makes me rest at ease. I was apprehensive about taking on a cleaning service for feeling too lazy or pretentious, however throw-in that I feel like I’m supporting artists at the same time and it’s an easy choice.”

Robb Doser

“This year, I am working part time and my partner is on sabbatical. With a decrease in income we weren’t sure if we could continue with Two Bettys. In fact the first thing I asked was, ‘Please tell me we don’t have to get rid of the Bettys!’”

Cary Sfikas

“We still can’t get over how awesome it is to have Two Bettys clean our house! We love our Betty, we appreciate Two Bettys eco-friendly products and methods, and we love supporting a local, community-focused company. Two Bettys is the best!”

Courtney Remes & Kevin Riach