Stand for EQUALITY, Stand for RESPECT, Stand WITH PRIDE

Your ticket to clean, green, and seen!


June 19, 2023

In June at Two Bettys Green Cleaning, we feel the hopefulness that comes with spring cleaning and the celebration of PRIDE month, two things we super duper extra love.  🥰 🌈 Feels like a good time for a few words on our everyday values about why we care about “cleaning house,” and how we strive to make people feel seen.

Since the beginning, we have been proud to employ and provide services for amazing humans who run the full spectrum of gender and sexual orientation. It is crucial to our values and business model that we continue to listen, learn, and adapt so that we can continue to be known as a safe place for queer employees and to be trustworthy service providers to those who hire us and welcome us into their homes, no matter their gender or orientation.

This month, along with our enthusiasm for parades and love of dance parties, we want to acknowledge that these are scary times. Three years ago, the United States Supreme Court ruled discrimination based on sexual orientation is unconstitutional, and yet we are still seeing the increasing violence, threats, and discriminatory bills aimed squarely at the queer community – particularly the trans community. This targeting inspires us to commit even more to our work, embedded in our core values, and to be actively engaged as employers and as community members. 

Our work is centered around a holistic model that balances commitments to people, profit, and the planet. It’s all connected! We use eco-friendly products, charge enough to be a sustainable business, and pay our team members a living wage plus benefits. And we are proud and fierce advocates for workers’ rights, regardless of race, age, sexual orientation, or gender. 

We want to be a clean, green beacon in this toxic landscape! While we are not perfect, we are doing what we can in the day-to-day land of Betty, with commitments like respecting employees’ pronouns. (Here’s a great resource if you’d like to promote broader understanding at your workplace.) We make sure our training and onboarding include extensive training and conversations about  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and we have a dedicated hotline in case employees feel uncomfortable for any reason.

When a client misgenders someone, we take the opportunity to educate, and if this happens repeatedly or there is discrimination or disrespect, we do not hesitate to stop service. We know firsthand that if businesses design policies that let employees feel seen, heard, and valued, they build a culture where people want to stay, flourish, and thrive. That’s called a no-brainer, folks; it’s a win for all. (Cue the aforementioned dance party!)

So, if you’re looking for work, we want you to know that at Two Bettys Green Cleaning, we are committed to creating a safe and supportive environment for all employees and offer competitive wages, benefits, and opportunities for advancement. Drop us a line! 

If you’re looking for a green cleaning company, you can feel good about hiring one that cleans house by driving social and environmental change. And, If you’re looking for something not cleaning-related, here’s a list of LGBTQ+-owned businesses in Minneapolis to support. 

Happy Pride Month from all of us.